Energy Attacks

Energy Attacks add an element of competition. Each attack is designed to delay or confuse your opponent to give you an edge. Take advantage of your opponents’ brief confusion to navigate the maze and find the flag.


Chaos will instantly turn your opponent 180 degrees and invert his/her controls. It’s a cheap attack, costing only 2 energy to use, but it wears off quickly.


Drift causes a reduction in friction and gives the player a little push. While your opponent is affected, he/she will be unable to jump at regular height (due to unsure footing). It costs 1 energy to fire and can be a great way to make someone miss a turn!


Containment stops your opponent in his/her tracks. This effect causes the largest delay and costs 3 energy to use. While affected by this attack, your opponent can still aim and fire but will have to wait until it wears off to move again.


The Shield is the only way to defend yourself from a direct attack. Once active, you will be unable to move or attack momentarily, but any incoming attacks are nullified and any energy your attacker spent is now yours! Energy reserves automatically regenerate, but this way you can increase your stored amount quickly. Part luck and part strategy will help you use a shield effectively.