A & B Game Studios
Based in Bellmore, NY

Founding date:
September 1, 2015


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A & B Game Studios is a video game development company comprised of 2 avid gamers, Alvin and Bryan, who sought to turn their passion into a business. Their love of gaming started with Atari and has, over the years, expanded to Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC games. Creating their first game, The Concourse, has been a wild ride and they've learned quite a bit. But The Concourse is only the beginning, as they have several other ideas to pursue once The Concourse is complete.


Early history

You could say that Alvin and Bryan's history started at birth. They're cousins who grew up playing video games, fighting over Ninja Turtle action figures, and getting into their first car accident together. In high school, they attempted to create a ninja game called Way of the Weapon (WoW for short). Unfortunately, they didn't have the skill set to deliver. They moved on to other things and now, years later, have decided to give their game development dreams new life. Alvin is an artist who went to school for Digital Animation and Visual Effects. Bryan is a Project Manager and Programmer with a degree in Computer Engineering. They came together with their complementary skills to become game developers and try their hand at pursuing a lifelong love.

After that

Alvin, an artist by training, was thrilled to learn that the Unreal Engine made game development accessible for non-programmers. He started dabbling with the Engine to create a digital version of Love Letter (an ingenious little card game). His success encouraged him to try something a bit more challenging. He started prototyping a game called Save the Mayor. When Alvin realized he was coming across some programming challenges that he wasn't equipped to handle, he roped Bryan in for some light assistance. As they interacted more, Alvin, the consummate instigator, convinced Bryan to help him develop yet another game, Treasure Hunters. Through visual analysis and play testing, Treasure Hunters evolved into what is now The Concourse. The excitement that the game generated among them prompted them to start A & B Game Studios and the rest, as they say, is history. Opening a studio and developing their first game has been an exercise in trial and error with many lessons learned. At the end of this journey, Alvin and Bryan just want to create games that gamers will love to play.



The Concourse Spring Update Trailer #1 YouTube


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