Release – Feature Test Branch


Release – Feature Test Branch

Hey Everyone!

First off, thanks for all the support. We’re sorry we haven’t released an update recently but we have both been super busy with our personal and professional lives. That being said we are super excited to finally bring local multiplayer to our game. Not only can you play against people locally but you can join other servers as well. Don’t forget that this is in the Feature Test Branch where we do testing before moving it over to the full release branch. For instructions on how to get over to the feature test branch follow the directions here. Don’t forget to restart your steam client because sometimes it doesn’t pick up the latest release of a game.

Also, we are going to be at Orlando iX this weekend. We have a booth so stop by and play our game, you might just get a surprise ;). Lastly, we are celebrating by discounting are game by 25% this weekend so if you haven’t picked it up or your friend hasn’t picked it up, now is the time!

  • Added support for local multiplayer (press f6 to add players locally up to 4 players, make sure you have the same amount of controllers as players e.g. if there are 2 players locally make sure to have 2 controllers, we have only tested with xbox controllers)
  • Only allowed to select from 3 modifiers
  • Modifier permanent slip – doesn’t affect jump height, not as slippery
  • Modifier spawn random attacks – random attacks will appear on the level
  • Added tooltips to modifiers
  • Added icons for each modifier to the upper right corner


  • Fixed bug where ready button got out of sync
  • Fixed issue where dropped attacks have trails and a particle system
  • Fixed issue where players joining greed CTF couldn’t ready up
  • Fixed issue where Danger still shows on tiles after a round


  • Added bubble around player after they fall off the level
  • Redid maps to have better lighting
  • Changed look and feel of obstacles to increase framerate
  • Started to experiment with different player models for future customization

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