Release – Feature Test Update


Release – Feature Test Update

This branch has some very bold additions including but not limited to the beginning of character customization! Granted… you won’t be able to customize anything yet. It’s us testing out a new system, you’ll see a new player model and the direction we’re heading in.

Also included in this version are 40+ modifiers and a new modifier selection system! We’ve decided to make it so you can choose from 3 randomly selected modifiers at a time! Meaning OF the 40+ modifiers available you’ll have the hard choice of playing the hand you’re dealt. This has changed the whole dynamic of the game for the best in our opinion!

(In case you forgot how to access the feature test, go HERE [] )

  • Added Random Maze Size Modifier
  • Added One Attack Type Modifiers ( Only Drift, Only Chaos, etc )
  • Added Victim Becomes Attacker ( Hitting another player with an attack applies it to you not them )
  • Added Remove Walls Modifier
  • Addressed glitch where a streamer fell through the walls once ( before us adding this deliberate remove walls modifier)
  • Added Melee Modifier – Speed up tile drop rate
  • Added Melee Modifier – Fewer Battery packs ( Spawns fewer batteries forcing players to fight harder for points and the ability to fire attacks)
  • Added Fire Random Attacks Modifier – Fires a random attack based on the amount of energy you have.
  • Added Modifiers to remove specific obstacles ( No Doors, No Slides, No Gates, etc)
  • Added Survival Modifier – Increase rate of track destruction
  • Added Energy Attacks cost +1 (Energy Attacks cost 1 more energy to fire up to a max of 3 energy)
  • Added Energy Attacks cost -1 (Energy Attacks cost 1 less energy to fire with a minimum cost of 1 energy)
  • Added Certain Obstacles Modifier (Doors Only, Gates Only, etc)
  • Chaos Energy attack has now been split into 4 different attacks (Dizzy – Inverts look controls only, Chaos – inverts movement controls (W,A,S,D) only, Confuse – inverts Jump and Slide controls (these first 3 attacks cost 1 energy each) and finally Flabbergast – does all 3 of the previously mentioned attacks at once. Note: Flabbergast is ranked as devastating, meaning that the attacker will also have an attack applied to them)
  • Changed the cost of Drift (Ice attack) to 2 energy


  • Created energy patterns for player suit for upcoming customization options
  • Added new player model


  • Added sounds for players falling during Survival mode

As you saw, it’s a big update and there are bound to be errors / glitches. As always if you find any bugs let us know here in the steam community or by emailing: Also, as I mentioned in a previous announcement, our upgrade to Unreal Engine version 4.12 has messed up the bots. We’re going to be working on that for our next update. Thanks for your understanding, patience and continued support!


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