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Release Notes

We’ve got quite a few things in store for you this week! We’ve made GreedCTF and Melee modes both official in this release as well as some other goodies! Check out below for more information!

  • Merged Feature test into the main branch
  • Added GamePad Controls to Default Controls
  • Added Defaults button to control setup screen


  • Survival Mode – Increased the spawn rate of obstacles as each lap is completed.
  • Game modes in general – Filtered modifiers for each mode based on relevancy (for example: Hidden Flag isn’t necessary for Survival as it does not use a flag at all)
  • Melee – Tiles are accurately replicated to the client. Also, we clean up any left over “falling tile” indicators so they don’t mislead players.
  • New Attack – Chancla (a modifier created based on jokes with Leshkee) Hit your opponent with the Chancla to slow them down.
  • Added a free flying spectator mode. If you finish a race and are waiting for other players, simply Right-Click to switch to that mode. Left click to re-enter chase cam.
  • Added Chat for spectator mode. Players can also chat with spectators
  • Added the ability to see what attack is selected and how much energy a player has as you follow them in spectator mode.


  • Added Models that represent most of the attacks. (Chancla – Slipper, Drift – Spikey Ice ball, Containment – Pad Lock, etc)
  • Added an indicator to GreedCTF to make it obvious that a flag was captured and by whom.
  • Added visuals to indicate what modifiers are in play
  • Certain menus have been resized and updated for ease of use


  • Added sounds for all attacks
  • Added “Get Ready”, “Go” and Cage lifting sounds
  • Added UI button sounds (hover and confirm)
  • Added a grunt to players when they are hit

There’s been a lot done but we have even more exciting things coming in the future. Please stay tuned and spread the word about our work!