Release Notes


Release Notes

In just little over an hour, we’ll be playing with Gaming for Adoption on their stream! (7pm EST @ Come check it out! Bryan and I decided to get some last minute updates, fixes and additions into the game before then.



Added a chase cam with 2 view modes (press ‘V’ to toggle and “Fire” to switch who you’re following)

Added a new game mode: Greed CTF (Run through the maze, collecting as many flags as possible)

Fixed the ranking of players by points in the “Tab” menu (previous iterations were not sorted)

Reworked and optimized HUD (under the hood)



Fixed “Tab” overlay and End Game Summary screen so that they show scores and names of players with their corresponding colors

Added “hit confirmation” text to the affected players (client side only, meaning only YOU will see the confirmation text)

Tweaked the visuals on the maze level

Removed orbiting motion at the end screen *temporarily*


Stay tuned for more awesome updates, check out the stream and throw your support behind such an awesome cause! :)

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