The Concourse is a futuristic foot racing game where you race against your friends, conquer obstacles, dodge energy attacks and try to get to the flag first! Each game is played over the course of 10 rounds with the winner having the most points at the end. We know, we know... You've seen it all before. What makes The Concourse different is that whoever winds up crossing the finish line first modifies a factor in the next race. Want to run faster? Tired of getting slammed by "Energy Attacks"? Feel like the attacks aren't recharging fast enough? Win and control those factors and more. Each track is a procedurally-generated maze, meaning each race will offer a completely different layout for a new challenge every time. Rely on your cunning and skill. With all of the obstacles we throw at you, you'll need a little luck too.

Procedurally Generated Courses

No two races are the same because the track is randomized for maximum replay value.

Energy Attacks

Designed to hinder your opponent(s), 4 attacks and a shield make for more competition.

Randomized Obstacles

Run, jump, slide and squeeze between obstacles as you make your way through the maze to reach the flag.


Get your friends together and see who has the speed, aim and skills to get to the flag first.

Modified Game Mechanics

The winner of each of the 10 rounds decides which variable to change in the subsequent round.

Toggle POV

Whether you prefer to see the game in 1st or 3rd view, your preference is accomodated.

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ByConcourseAdmin Oct 14, 2016

Release – Feature Test Branch

Hey Everyone! First off, thanks for all the support. We're sorry we haven't released an update recently but we have both been super busy with

ByConcourseAdmin Aug 25, 2016

Release – Feature Test Update

This branch has some very bold additions including but not limited to the beginning of character customization! Granted... you won't be able to c